The PAMIR company begun running its business in 1985.

Great interest in gas –tourist products induced us to start production of such profile and to constantly broaden the assortment.

The company produces appliances to be wound up on propane –butane gas cylinders. It is an assortment requiring the company to obtain certificates from the authorised certifying units. After many efforts and changes, our company obtained the European Union Certificate on 01-05-2004 as the first one of Polish manufacturers of appliances for gas cylinders.

In reply to the requirements of the market and of our clients we introduce into our offer a new product: A double –burner tourist gas cooker “AGNES”.

AN ABSOLUTE NOVELTY ON THE EUROPEAN MARKET!!! It is an innovative triangle –shaped cooker. The first one of such construction in Europe.


ATTENTION !  We do not sale our products in detail!

WARNING! Our offer is aimed exclusively at wholesale stores and big trade entities –including exporters abroad.

With best regards, the management of the Paramir company.